Sage Collins Surveying, Inc.


*Sample Mortgage Loan Inspection Plan

*Sample Subdivision with Topographic Contours and Wetland Deliniation




"I give you A+!  The survey maps are clear and beautiful.  You did a great deal of work and you explained everything very clearly."

-Ester Wood, Blue Hill, Maine


"Thank you for a perfectly professional job- timely, efficient, right on schedule."  D.C. Sedgwick Maine 


"Thank you for the elegant survey map ..." S. H. B., Brooksville, Maine


"Your letter about my Long Cove property in Brooksville is a beautiful illustration of why you are so good at what you do. I thank you for it." C. B., Brooksville, Maine


"Thanks for your help - I'm grateful that the problem was discovered before I purchased the adjoining property."


"Thanks for the good work." M. W., Blue Hill, Maine


"I would like to express my thanks for all of your help. Please know that I appreciate the work you have done on the lot and the professional, personable manner in which you go about your business." R. M., Castine, Maine


"Thank you for attending the Planning Board Meeting. I think your presence was important, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!" T. F. R., Blue Hill, Maine


"The survey (in multicolor) is gorgeous!" C. K. H.


"To say that I am pleased, or even very pleased with the results of the work by you and your crew (as well as the deed researcher), would be a vast understatement." B. W., Sargentville, Maine




*Sample Boundry Survey with Topographic Contours